Ultimate Support Group for Online Tutors


Tutors will have access to an unlimited and ever-growing library of resource videos that will guide them in starting their business.  You will get to hear stories of other online tutors and what has worked for them and access replays of online conferences for free at your convenience. 

The Ultimate Support Group for Online Tutors on Facebook has been amazing.  People have the ability to ask a question and get it answered within seconds.  But also, there is the ability to network with other online tutors.  Through the use of Zoom teachers that join this subscription model will get to meet with other online tutors live weekly.  This allows us to get to know each other, build relationships with each other, and refer each other when we don’t have room for another student or a student isn’t a right fit for us. 

Through this networking, I have been blessed with students, and I have had the opportunity to bless others.  In our community we don’t ask for anything in return for these referrals, it is just a blessing to help others out. 

Learning is a critical component in our ability to grow our businesses.  Staying on top of what works in our teaching and marketing is essential if we want to create a self-sustaining business.  Therefore, each week tutors will be able to join a Book Club call.  People who choose to read the books can join us for the live conversation about it, and others can listen to the replay in the portal.  You will have the ability to listen to all past videos as well. 

The value of this resource is off the charts amazing. You would think that this would cost hundreds of dollars each month, but it is so much less.  Why?  Because this business has blessed me with such life-work balance that I, in turn, want to bless others with it.

Monthly conference Replay videos = $10

Unlimited resource library of videos = $997

Book Club = $27 month and Answers Live Call = Priceless

Networking = Priceless
Total = $1,034

You get all of this for just $197 a year

Also, as another amazing bonus, I am going to send you the most recent copy of my book Job Security for Life in Teaching: How to Become an Online Tutor absolutely free in PDF form.  This is an added bonus of $16.99.


Insider's Secret Club

$197.00 USD every year