Persuasive E-mails To Get You Hired

Maybe you have heard that you should create a freebie that people can download to get onto your list.  Have you wondered why you have spent the time doing this.  One of the important reasons is because not everyone who vistits your website is ready to purchase your services.  There are people that are just looking, others are price shopping, and the last group is ready to hire.  How do people stay in contact with you if they have no idea how they found your website in the first place?  They do this by being enticed to give you their e-mail and you stay top of mind and in their inbox. 

But here comes the next problem.  What do you write in those e-mails?  How often do you write?  What kinds of e-mails are there.  Perhaps you are afraid that if you e-mail too often people will get off of your list.  All of these thoughts go through people’s minds when they start this e-mail marketing journey.

Let’s go back to basics and remember the purpose of e-mail marketing.  It is to persuade your potential clients to hire you as their online tutor.  How are people persuaded?  By your story. 

The Winter Olympics are going on right now and whenever I talk to other people about the Olympics we talk about how much we love hearing the stories.  How did these Olympians get started, what was their journey like.  These are things that people are interested in hearing about. 

Over the next 4 weeks you will have an opportunity to learn how to tell your story and craft it through an e-mail sequence so that your potential clients fall in love with you. 

By the end of the 4 weeks you will have your e-mails automated and ready to send to anyone that signs up to your list so that all of this can be on autopilot.  No longer will you have to worry about not sending them messages. 

In this course you are going learn about persuasive e-mail marketing sequences and broadcasts that get potential clients hiring you.  So what are you waiting for, come join us and learn what effective e-mail marketing can look like. 

This course is going to sell for $97 once it is complete, but you will get access for half price.  That’s right for just $48.50 you will get the entire course.  Also, as a bonus you will get e-mail templates and ideas to give you ideas for an entire year.  During this course you will get feedback from others, on your e-mails and be able to encourage other members.  Join us today at half price and create an email sequence that gets you hired. 

Persuasive E-mails to Get you Hired

$97.00 USD