Google Hacks

Many people think that if they want to get new leads, clients, or students, that they should advertise.  And one of the top ideas that comes to their head is to advertise on Google.  So they create an account and their first add without really knowing how to make it convert into sales.  Google approves their ad and a week later they have spent a ton of money on advertising and have not even gotten one lead. 

It is like watching your money slowly drip away into a black hole.  You are left feeling discouraged and are back to the drawing board with figuring out how to get leads for your business. 

My name is Joanne Kaminski and I have been helping online tutors get on page one of Google since 2012.  I help them find keywords that people are actually searching for, help them come up with ways to create content for those keywords, and happily sit back and watch as they get on page one over and over again. 

If you are interested in learning search engine optimization, also known as SEO, and don’t want to spend thousands of dollars in the process, then check out this newest course where I personally show you the simplest ways to get on page one.  In fact, some people are able to get on page one just one day after learning these strategies.  Tutors are getting e-mails in their inbox that people would like to hire them and you can too.  What are you waiting for, Get Google Hacks today and watch your business soar with new leads each month for your services. 

Here is an example of the kind of information that you will learn from this course.

Google Hacks

Get on page one of Google Learn tools that can make SEO easy Get people e-mailing you in your inbox that they want to work with you

$197.00 USD