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Dream Big, Plan Smart, and Take Action to Start or Grow Your 

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You might be thinking that you know how to teach, but you have no idea how to start an online tutoring business.  During the conference you will visualize your business from start to finish.  Take your unclear vision, with an unknown path, to create a clear action plan to achieve the results you are looking for.


Want to make more money?  Joanne will guide you step by step.

Want more students? Joanne will share an award winning formula.

Want clarity? You will leave with an action plan to get results.

Want to network with other successful tutors?  Meet tutors from all over the world that share the same vision as you to change the world one student at a time.



Day 1: January 29th 
Discover your Dreams in a Whole New Light

 Remember when you were a child, how you thought you could accomplish anything?  During the dream big day we are going to open up that inner child and begin shaping your online tutoring business to a level you never thought possible.  We will release the inner child that will excite and motivate you to be, do, and have anything that you want.  We will kick those limiting thoughts and fears in the face and make a new reality for you within your business.



Get access to replays from all 4 days and take your online tutoring business to the next level.

Day 2: January 30th

Business Plan Demystified

Have you heard that it is a good idea to do a business plan, but you didn't know where to start to create one that adds value, clarity or vision? 


Maybe you have researched how to do this, but nothing really seemed to fit into your online tutoring business. 


During Day 2 you are going to learn exactly how to create a solid business plan and complete yours by the end of the week.


Big questions that will be answered are

1.  Why should I create one?

2.  How much time should it take?

3.  What should I focus on in my business first?

4.  Can I just get a checklist?

5.  What tools are available to create this? 


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Day 3: January 31st

Success Strategies that Work

By day 3 you may begin feeling overwhelmed, but those feelings will soon disappear as you learn success strategies that work to achieve your dream online tutoring business.


It is easy to get sidetracked with all of your amazing ideas that are going to be flowing through your head.  You will learn how to tame those ideas so that you can move forward with what is most important to you.


You will take the dream you have created and begin learning what actions you need to take to make it become a reality.  


In addition, you will learn how to priortize and track results in an efficient manner.



Get access to all 4 days and take your online tutoring business to the next level.

Day 4: February 1st 

Creating Action Steps


You want a step by step checklist that makes it easy and efficient to put everything in place to build your business. 


Now you will have one.


While everyone has a different dream and vision, you are going to learn what should be on your personal checklist based on what you have learned in the conference.


You will leave this conference with


1.  Customized checklist

2.  Strategies to implement your checklist

3.  New relationships with other online tutors willing to support you.




Get access to all 4 days and take your online tutoring business to the next level.

"The conferences keep me up-to-date and inspired to go beyond my comfort zone of the status quo. My current goal is to make more of an online presence using social media and the last conference, Social Media Hacks, was exactly what I was looking for: a thorough guide to each platform presented by experts who could answer any questions I had personally. I always look forward to challenging myself and learning more at the conferences!"

Meryl Weaver
Online Math Tutor

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